19 September 2008

A CHALLENGE FOR THE U.A.P.S.G. MEMBERS: Colares (Brazil) and Caronia (Italy)


The situations lived in Colares (0s5612, 48w1654 - Brazil) and Caronia (38n01, 14e26 - Italy) demand our attention, skills, cooperation, and exchange of scientific knowledge.

We need to typify the situations. We need to isolate pieces of information that provide key elements.

We have to compare both situations to see what they have in common and in what they are different.

And finally, we are challenged to find a logical, acceptable and rational explanation.

Denial is irrational and absurd. Forced or fantastic explanations are also unacceptable.

We are urged to work seriously because these two situations give us a unique opportunity.  

We are a wonderful Group of talented people, many of whom have a solid scientific formation and experience. Moreover, we are an international Group, and therefore we can bring the richness of different cultures.

If we are capable to join forces together and to add up our knowledge,  we think we could be able to reach a very high level of study, and to bear fruits, which we would be proud of.

The analysis here proposed deals directly with the very reason of our existence as a Group.


As first steps to be taken, we need to gather as much information as possible about both situations.

We hope that our Brazilian colleagues, engineer Claudeir Covo and Mr. Kentaro Mori could contribute greatly to that purpose, dealing with Colares.

And we hope that our Italian colleague, astrophysicist Massimo Teodorani, could also share with us as much material as possible about Caronia.

We all recognize the important role of the press, but also that the press is not usually the best source of information we can trust on. Therefore, all the information developed by investigators, scientists, or military sources wil be of paramount relevance.

So far, we have considerable information about Colares –a good part of if from official sources-- and scarcely about Caronia, where there is abundant material from the press and videos.

All the information should be shared in totality and abundantly through our Forum.

With that in our hands, we can begin to develop a strategy for our work. Whom are we going to ask for a particular analysis of what happened?

In pursuing that purpose we could either integrate new members to our Group, or confidentially ask some professionals we know to help us with some specific issues, and then report and share their findings.

This really will turn out to be an exciting and extraordinary study.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and start to work!


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