06 May 2011

Important News from Argentina


The monthly meeting of RIO54 (a group of people that freely meet together to talk about the UFO subject and related issues in Buenos Aires, Argentina) was attended this time by Captain Mariano Mohaupt (in the picture) member of the Aerospace Phenomena Investigation Committee recently created by the Argentinean Air Force, which is going to have an office and a team to compile UFO reports.

Captain Mohaupt shared the meeting of RIO54 to have a personal dialogue with civilian investigators and to bring details about the new organization.

He advanced the information that the Ministry of Defense and the Air Force General Staff have approved the resolution that makes official the Committee and he specified that they preferred to talk about “aerospace phenomena” instead of “UFOs” because although the acronym came out as a technical designation, nevertheless its meaning has become different things for the general public. On the other hand, to talk about “aerospace phenomena” is more neutral and more adequate to the specific competence of the Air Force.

Captain Mohaupt added that in the Air Force web page it will be a section where people would be able to get in direct contact with the Committee.

In a very animated exchange of ideas, the participants talked about investigation protocols, declassification of material, the recovery of old official reports, interdisciplinary case studies as well as educational activities.

Attending the meeting there were: Ana Serrano, Laura Babyaczuk, Alejandro Aucana, el Dr. Roberto Banchs, Facundo, Ivan, (no last names), Mario Lupo, Capt. Mariano Mohaupt, Nelson Morales, Rubén Morales, Eng. Daniel Postizzi, César Reyes and Javier Stagnaro.

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