24 June 2010


Italian Astrophyisicist, Dr. Massimo Teodorani, has brought to us the text of his proposal for the creation of an European Scientific Center for the Investigation of UAPs.

Here is the text:

Dear Sirs and Colleagues,

This is just to inform you all that an Italian politician (Hon. Mario Borghezio, Lega Nord) has presented on June 14, 2010 a written declaration for an “interrogation” at the European Parliament concerning the subject of “UFO phenomena”.

I have chosen to be currently one of the main scientific advisors of this politician, not due to political reasons (my choice to vote for Lega Nord is only a coincidence, and I would have willingly supported such an initiative by any other Euro parliamentarian whatever his/her political ideas are) but because I think that much more attention and money funding should be destined to truly scientific research on “UFO phenomena” in general. I have recalled a term here that I have never liked; I prefer to call them “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” (UAP), but the substance is the same.

I am not so much personally interested in “disclosure actions”, in new witnesses descriptions or in the release of new “classified documents” (unless they are scientific documents that are technically relevant, in case), but I have full respect for those who are mostly interested in this (mostly historical) aspect of the subject under study, which will be strongly considered too in this planned interrogation.

My main interest consists in the possibility of the creation of an European Scientific Institution able to devote concrete and constant scientific efforts in studying the phenomenon in all its aspects (including “earthlights” of geophysical origin, on which I am doing physical research since 16 years).

This necessarily involves, in particular, competences such as the ones of physics, astronomy, astrophysics, geophysics and engineering (but also psycho-sociology in many other aspects): this means - at least according to my way to see the thing in pragmatic terms – the deployment and use of sophisticated monitoring and measurement instrumentation to be placed at locations where an anomalous aerial phenomenon in general is most recurrent in Europe and/or where some occasional and transient “flaps” are suddenly occurring, in case.

This kind of actions are the only ones able to produce *numbers* and not words. As a necessary output we need numbers, charts, mathematical calculations (theoretical, experimental and statistical), and logical discussions, which come out from the data acquired by the new sensors that we absolutely need in order to improve this research and to remove it once and for all from the many boasters (and merchants) who go on speculating on this subject taking advantage of the popular credulity.

It is true that people “need to know the truth”, but it is much truer that people “need to understand how this stuff works” (if this stuff effectively exists). This is exactly what interests me. This approach would be extremely useful even if scientific investigations had to demonstrate that the phenomenon under study is only a quite well architected hoax and deceptive action.

Therefore I honestly think that it is time to stop once and for all to make a fun of people through the propagation of zany stories (which, by the way, discredit the efforts of serious researchers too). Even if the phenomenon under study is not an easy thing to manage, using scientific methods we can reach an important goal: to distinguish accurately true flowers from weed and to concentrate subsequently our attention on flowers only (whatever the flowers may be).

So far I suspect that most UFO phenomena are partly pure hoaxes and partly a natural “electromagnetic phenomenon” of which so far we know only a little. But (also as an European promoter of the SETV Initiative) I do not exclude a priori other possible origins, even the most exotic ones. Only science and its continuity of approach (plus its determination to reach the goal) can decide what we are facing since many decades.

And only an appropriate money funding together with well-chosen and aimed scientific interdisciplinary competences – concretized in a possible “European Observatory devoted to the Scientific Study of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” – can allow us to make important steps forward in this quite controversial subject.

Even if in general I do not like politics (and I do not even have much time for it) we all know that all this might depend also (and maybe: mostly) on political decisions. Therefore a possible gentle but resolved “pressure” on the politicians of European countries might result to be a pragmatic decision.

Here you can find a list of all Euro parliamentarians : http://www.europarl.europa.eu/members/public/geoSearch.do?language=EN

It is important that as many as possible parliamentarians (of whatever political color) sign the parliamentarian question that is now going on. Therefore (especially for the European recipients of this message) it is important to send ASAP to them an email in order to invite them to think in-depth about the issue in question and the necessity to launch as soon as possible a serious scientific study on it.

A final observation. The more this problem will be disregarded by whom should consider it using the necessary attention, the more “ufological tales”, hoaxes, fakes, new age sects and other manifestations of “irrational thinking” and deception will go on prevailing.

A scientific investigation is therefore absolutely necessary in order to shed light on this important problem. The goal of this new initiative (a first attempt of the same kind was done by theoretical physicist Prof. Tullio Regge 17 years ago, when he was a Euro parliamentarian at that time) is mainly twofold: 1) to disclose “UFO archives” that are still secret; 2) to establish a Scientific European Centre entirely devoted to the study in-depth of such phenomena. I am mostly interested in the second.

Whatever the phenomenon is, we might learn a lot from the physics of the involved problem, with a consequent advancement of our scientific understanding and knowledge and a consequent end of childish, medieval, obsolete and deceiving tales. I believe that rigor and open mind married together make a Science in its purest term.

Thanks for the gentle attention of you all

Massimo Teodorani

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